Shoe Storage: Part Four

Will this project ever be done? I need to finish it up soon before it get's too cold to cut wood outside.

Over the weekend, some shelves got cut out of MDF (I wanted to go with wood as recommended by Kelly, but I lost) and the tracks got hung.

So now the important stuff ... deciding what shoes make the cut to be in the shoe towers, what shoes go to shoe heaven and which ones go next to each other. Sounds easy enough?

I still have to figure out a few things:
  • Paint or cover the shelves (wallpaper or contact paper)? What color?

  • What to do with my pretty shoe boxes (they might go into a plastic tub and find a home in the basement after the shoe bags are removed from the boxes)? Do you save shoe boxes too for your fancy shoes?

  • Is there something to put in the shoes rather than tissue paper to help them hold their shape?

Dokidoki Fries says, "please finish this project soon so I don't have to be next to the hiking boots!"

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  1. paint the shelves. Over time, the wallpaper will peel up, it'll get torn... At least if the paint gets scuffed, just break out a brush, slap on another coat of paint, and you're good to go. It's so much easier to touch-up then wallpaper.

    Maybe do a stencil if you want to go with a funky pattern? Polka dots or something? That'd be super fun!

  2. I recommend you paint the shelves with a high-quality paint like ACE Cabinet and Trim paint. This stuff dries hard and doesn't have that 'tacky' feeling that most latex paints have. It is perfect for shelves that you drag things across. You can tint it a color, but I would just do white. The more tint you add, the longer the drying time. I used 'ultra white' on my bookcases and it's almost a perfect match for the Behr Ultra Pure white trim throughout our house. Ha, I sound like a salesman!

  3. Thanks Sara! Ace is our place!