Home Sweet Headache

My brother and his girlfriend purchased their first home about two months ago. They settled in Easton, Pennsylvania - home of Crayola Crayons and a river that floods.

They got their 1900s Federal style home for a steal ... $52,000! It may only have (barely) one bathroom and lots of wood paneling but they are ready for the diy challenge.

Emilie is blogging the whole mess over at Home Sweet Headache. Stop on by, say hi, comment that my brother needs a hair cut and help her with some design/diy decisions!

Teaser: You might even see the Dude helping out in some basement destruction.


  1. How fun, I will have to check it out! I can't believe that purchase price, are they sure it isn't covered in mold or something??!

  2. Sara, I don't think they found mold (yet). The neighbor that sold them the house even gave them cash to paint the exterior and he mows their lawn. Emilie and Hans hit the jackpot!

  3. Kelly, you might want to start investing in the Lehigh Valley! Since it borders NJ and is close to NYC a lot of out of staters are finding out that house prices are really affordable.

  4. In reply to Sara, no, we have no mold, no real problems at all, structurally sound, etc, just a bunch of minor stuff (needs updating, obviously, some cleaning, sprucing up, etc). It was an estate sale, and we just happened to get very fortunate. We had a VERY tight budget to work with (originally only $40k to buy a house), but, we just could not pass this deal up. It was more than we ever expected to get for our money.