The record cabinet grows up and gets a job

Remember when I mentioned the record cabinet that I found on the side of the road? I'm sure at one time in its life it held cool jazz records but now it's all work and no play. Yeah, it has a new lame life in our office by hiding internet stuff and paper and displaying the lovely fax machine. I did try to make it a bit more pretty with some paper on the inside.

painted record cabinet

Inside record cabinet

Please ignore the ugliness that is the wall color and carpet. Some time in the near future that all will change. Note to self: hide wires that live under the cabinet.


  1. No WAY!!!!!!!!

    What do you know about it? Did it come painted?

    That is SO COOL!

  2. When I found it in a neighbors trash pile, it had a bad veneer finish. We simply spray painted the whole thing since it was free. Yours looks like it is better condition. Now, I'm tempted to spray paint the doors white!