Hi, remember me.

Hi, all! Remember me? Lisa from southern New Jersey, owner of The Pilot, partner in crime to the Dude?

Well, it's been some time since I posted last but I'm starting up the old blog again to share what's been going on with our house projects and to share a new project we are currently working on. 

A few weeks ago we finally got our act together and decided to create a bit of a mess with a full-gut of our lame, sad, kitchen from 1984. Who doesn't like some organized destruction...perhaps our neighbors who could not park in front of our house for a few days?

I think our old kitchen had the potential to win one of those "World's Worst Kitchen" contests but we aren't that motivated to make a stupid video, send it in, and be actor-y.  I'd rather pay good money for a kitchen that I like than be stuck with one of show's "designer's" wacky ideas.

Here's our kitchen all cleared out and in it's former state of being...

Okay, let's discuss the ugly:
  • faux parquet floors
  • faux butcher block countertops
  • faux wood cabinets
  • faux brick paneling
  • faux wood plank ceiling
  • two boob lights
  • no good soffit
  • peeling painted over wallpaper (my mother decided the day we moved in to start ripping off the wallpaper because it was "fun" - that was nine years ago)
This kitchen was filled with fakes like a New York city street corner. 

After we filled up those two Bagsters, our kitchen became a shell of a kitchen. You'll note that prior to the kitchen's last remodel in 1984, there was a large window to the right. That was the only surprise we found and lots of bad electrical wiring.

Thanks for reading to this point and I hope you stick around for more updates at a higher frequency.

Yay for a kitchen remodel!


  1. Looks great. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Since you planned to leave that wall mostly free of cabinets, will you restore the big window?

    1. We won't be using the opening for that big window. Our house is quite close to the neighbors and the window would just focus on their crappy house.