Tutorial: Wood Wall

As promised, but a bit late, here's how we installed the wood wall in the bathroom.

First, we got a sick amount of neatly organized lath from Eva's gut job house in the country. Seriously, she handed over the neatest piles of wood organized by size.

The dude put up some luon on the wall and then we started the assembly-line process.The wood pieces were then installed with a finish nailer and some wood glue. We tried to vary the lengths and colors ... trying to be random we found to be hard at times.
We could only work on the bottom half of the wall since we had to wait to have the electrician come back to hook up the rest of the wiring.After the electrician came and did his magic, we added the top piece a luon. I was going to write a message on the wall before the luon went up, but I forgot. The message would be something like: What? You don't like this wood wall. You are a poopy head. I still have a chance to roll up a little note before the floor molding goes in.We mitered the end pieces and kept checking for square before we installed the side section of the wall. This part of the wall wasn't really square to begin with and adding the wood allowed us to fudge square.
After the wall was complete, the dude sanded the wall and added some of our hardwood floor poly on it. By sanding it, the white parts of the wood were removed to reveal a light color wood. Secretly, I like the wall better before the sanding but now I won't have a chance to get a major splinter if (when) I walk into the wall.

I have to give mega props of inspiration to the jersey ice cream co. Their wood wall is super awesome and inspired my project.

If you live in Philadelphia, they will even come to your place and install your very own lath wall.


  1. Awesome. Way cool idea to use lathe as a wall covering. It looks great.

  2. I LOVE your wood wall. So cool and creative! The tiling looks great too. :)

  3. WHA?!? How did I somehow miss this particular post? and another opportunity to applaud you for your wood wall building awesomeness??

    Jolly good show.

  4. Wow wow wow! What an awesome idea! I also really love the tiling!

  5. What is luon?!

    (thanks for the tweet by the way! New blog post today!

    1. Did Lisa ever reply to this? Luan is just thin plywood. Between the Luan and lathe it came to about the same thickness 1/2" as drywall. Sorry for the reply 2 years later..
      The Dude..

  6. It is truly fantastic tiling work. It is really inspirational. xo
    ~ Herman Swan