The to do-do bathroom list

Yep, I put a poop reference in my title.

If you remember, we started the upstairs bathroom the last few days of May of this year. We thought the renovation would take us just a few months (silly us, we thought we'd be done in October) but are now "celebrating" our 7th month mark. Thank goodness we have two bathrooms.

Here's what's left (which I'm sure I'm missing stuff):


  • install vanity and figure out some tricky plumbing

  • build concrete counter top and install (easy, right?!)

  • Grout n' stuff

  • fix tub surround grout (we sortof ran out during the process and tried to make what we had last. the result was shallow grout lines)

  • seal tub surround grout

  • caulk the tub

  • Bathtub

  • install fixtures

  • get new drain and install

  • get metal corner thing to hold soap and shampoo

  • decide on a shower curtain and rod and put it up

  • Wood wall

  • finish installing wood wall - sand - seal

  • Paint

  • sand touch-up areas

  • paint touch-up areas on wall and ceiling

  • one more coat on moldings

  • Storage and accessories

  • decide on towel storage and vanity storage system

  • hang towel hooks

  • make toilet paper holder

  • frame and hang art work

  • get some general accessories

  • Other

  • get a door and hang

  • figure out window shade/curtain solution

  • We are so close to finishing up! Next project on the list to tackle ... our office! Who else is already mentally working on the next project without finishing the current one?