It's Electric!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I know you are dying to hear about the status of our bathroom.

But I blame this place...

Us- Disney December 2011

...with it's magicalness and it's unlimited supply of cookies and hot chocolate and it's holiday parade and fancy fireworks (and snow on Main Street - but we missed that).

So, the title of this post refers to our addition of electric to the upstairs bathroom (not to the "Electric Slide" that is now stuck in my head ... thanks, self).

Here's a picture montage of what our electrician masterfully completed:

Wires for sconces:

Wires for lights

Sconces installed:

Sconces installed

Pow! Lights on!

Sconces ON

Oops, forgot to mention that we painted the walls (and installed some moldings)! I still have to paint the ceiling, which will be the same color as the walls.

New outlet between the toilet and shower:

Outlet by shower

And I'm saving the best for the last ... the heated floors are hooked up! And we didn't screw up installing them! Double high-five!

Heated floors hooked up


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  2. Am I really that much taller than you?

  3. When she isn't wearing heels... yup!

  4. You guys are so freaking adorable I can barely stand it (and your sconces are pretty cool too).

    Electrician Rob does good work. We should go see his band play some time : )

  5. bathroom is looking great. Good to know you're still alive, was starting to wonder if the bathroom had eaten you or something.

  6. I love electricians. They make everything better!! I love your sconces.