Happy House Anniversary

House 1 Summer 2011

Six years ago we bought this bungalow and moved in on a day that was over 100 degrees.

We are still working on tons of projects in our little home and will probably continue to have some sort of construction item on our front porch (last week we had a toilet, this week some insulation) for the next six years.

Dear House, thanks for giving us a roof over our heads and the perfect view of the town 4th of July fireworks from the porch. We will do our best not to burn or knock you down. The Dude shall continue to adorn you with the hibiscus he tries to "save" from the big box hardware stores.

House 2 Summer 2011


  1. Why are the christmas lights still on the house??

  2. Congratulations on six years of love and hard work!

  3. Oh, now you've got me all nostalgic. Time sure flies when you're having fun painting, tiling, drywalling & wiring, doesn't it?

    I love how your home can become such an integral part of the family that you wonder how you ever lived anywhere else.

    Keep up the excellent work. Can't wait to see what projects the next year will bring.

  4. Thanks y'all!

    @Steve - the dude is a lazy bum and refuses to take down the one string of xmas lights that are up.