Bathroom: In the works

We are at the "fun" stage in the rebuilding the bathroom process ... drywall. Enough said, right?!

So, moving on to some of the bling-bling that will be in the bathroom:

West Elm's Flat Stock Single Sconce


West Elm's Short Industrial Bath Cabinet

West Elm Short industrial cart

Overstock's Kraus Rectangular Ceramic Sink and Ramus Faucet


Lowes' Laticrete Floor Warming System Laticrete Lowes floor warming
Ditra at Home Depot
Ditra Underlayment Home Depot

Has anyone used Ditra for their underlayment (with heated floors)?

I see lots and lots of reading in my future to feel confident in installing the Ditra as well as the heat floors.


  1. Oh, I am loving where this is going! The industrial cabinet especially.

  2. ditto on the industrial cabinet love

  3. Yes radiant floors! We used the ditra in our kitchen and bathroom over radiant floors/under tile. It was pretty easy to install too because it's so light.

  4. Love the cabinet! It so you!

    We have radiant floors down in our bathroom and I have a love affair with them in the winter... No advice on the ditra though, we've never used it.

  5. Have you told the dog about the heated floors yet? He is going to love them!

  6. Who would need a bath cabinet with roller wheels in the bathroom?