My resolutions are crap

Yep, my new year's resolution theme is crap. Here goes:
  1. Get rid of crap. I don't know how two people have been able to accumulate some much junk. We are going to start a twice a month stop to Goodwill and resale store. The plan is to downsize our stuff by over 50%.
  2. Stop crapping out on projects and finish them up! I'm still working on painting the shoe shelves with the slowest drying paint ever made. The shelves should be done by the end of the week and hopefully we can cut some wood for the cabinet doors. After the shoe storage is complete, we will be working on our downstairs office then back upstairs to update the second bathroom.
  3. Clean out the crap in my email accounts.
  4. Figure out who is not picking up their dog's crap on our block.


  1. That last one makes me angry. Now that all the snow has melted, I see that someone has been using my curb as a doggie toilet for the last week. Pick it up!

  2. It pisses me off since my dog likes to eat poop. Ugh. I'm planning to post a sign.

  3. I need to join you on #2, and I'd really like to see how you discover #4.


    I have a theory that the amount of crap you own will, without fail, always expand to fill & then exceed the amount of space available.

    You would not believe the amount of "crap" we got rid of prior to starting renovations in the basement. Literally entire SUV's full of junk. Trips to drop off at goodwill were an overwhelming chore!

    Scheduled-on-the-calendar-in-advance donating is pure genius...definitely going to give that a try.

  5. oh, and sorry about the mess at the curb...I can't go here anymore cause the neighbors are on to me.

  6. haha I love this, I have too much undone projects crap and email crap. Sorry about the doggie problems!

  7. Ha! I love your comments!

    Stucco Bungalow, I'll send some poop bags over to you!

    Let's officially start the war on crap and not let the junk terrorists win.

  8. lol... I think these resolutions are crap-tastic! (And I mean that in the best possible way!)