Dream Home

This year's HGTV's Dream Home is in Stowe, Vermont - one of our favorite places! It seems we only enter the Dream Home contest when the house is near a ski mountain.

Where would your dream home be located?


  1. what a stunning house!


    and I was proud of myself for painting the dining room this week...

  2. I love it too! Eric would never, ever consent to live anywhere far from a ski area and we've got good friends in Stowe so therefore I think that we should win the house! Hahahaha.

  3. Meghan, if you win I'm coming up for a visit! In our 5-10 year plan, we have intentions to move to VT.

    Erin, can't wait to see your dining room color choice!

  4. Wow, this certainly is a dream home! Wish I could have a place like that. I've ordered new wall papers for my place and a new enamel sign from www.ramsign.com and I guess that's a quite good thing as well though. Not as this house but it's a start :)