I like to aim low

How far would you drive for a bag of free stuff? Apparently for me it’s about 180 miles round-trip.

Julie convinced me to go to the Aiming Low blog party in NYC last week, and the payoff was a swag bag.

Thanks to Aiming Low, HP and New York City for being super duper hosts. The swag bag contained an awesome treat that added to my motivation to order a netbook (which should be delivered tomorrow). NYC- you did let me down a little by being rainy, but I'll get over it.

Since Julie is a better storyteller and I feel like I might be getting the influenza, check out her post about our trip.

What are your thoughts on sponsored events? Sometimes I feel weird about it, but then I remember all of the alcohol sponsored store openings I've attended.

(Jackie, thanks for being my editor today in my time of illness)


  1. Oh, sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I expect to be dying by the end of the week...Yay for getting your laptop, though!!!

  2. I think sponsored events can be a smidge overdone at times... but if they have lots of cool swag to distract me with, I'm cool with it.