Happiness found at the Christmas Tree Shop

Over the weekend we went to the Christmas Tree Shop because they have heat (remember our house is chilly) and in hopes of finding a non-candy treat to give to the kiddies for Halloween. I really hate the place, but you can find some gems and german cookies.

I've been dying to get one of those really cool radios for our kitchen. When I'm stuck in the kitchen, I can't see or hear the tv. Since we don't have a tv in there (yet) everyone leaves me in the kitchen by myself and I get sad. I'll now be a little happier when I'm in the kitchen because of the latest Christmas Tree gem:

Sentry Radio XR100

Ten bucks! And it plays Happy Birthday on the selected date and time. No joke! And has a lovely teak wooden frame. And I'm sure the sound will suck.

Thank you Christmas Tree Shop for my knock off Tivoli radio!


  1. I wouldn't leave you in alone in the kitchen to watch tv. <3

    Are you at least using space heaters?

  2. We've been warming the house by opening the windows. Sounds odd but it's working with the warmer temp.

    Yes, you would probably leave me in the kitchen.