Chilly house, warm ski lodge

Our house is cold. Real cold. The dude saw his breath yesterday.

Since we have an old house with very little insulation, there is really no point in turning on the heat until the weather channel has a super cold advisory and tells you to check on the elderly and small children. We normally try to go until December 1st before we turn on the heat. It's a test of will and warmth strategies.

The dude called his mother the other day, saying that I was trying to kill him but I told him that not turning on the heat is to get him ready for ski season.

I'm sure this lovely ski lodge in Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia has heat. Wish I was there...

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interior- dining room

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  1. So not only do I need to check on the elderly and small children, but Lisa and The Dude too.

    LOL at him telling his mom you were trying to kill him.

  2. Christina's house was that cold when I lived with her in high school. We slept with 15 blankets and had to dare ourselves to get up to go to the bathroom.

  3. Yep, that sounds about right for us too!