Here we go...

Erin at The Stucco Bungalow bestowed the honor of Stylish Blogger Award (with sparkles) to a group of bloggers that included Me!

So here goes:

RULE #1: By accepting this Stylish Blogger Award, I am obligated to share with you 7 things about myself.

It's all about me time...
  1. I am named after Elvis' daughter since we share a birthday. Some of my family members believe I am named after them.

  2. Most of my family members cannot spell my name. It is Lisa.

  3. I have three cuckoo clocks and many inherited garden gnomes. I am German.

  4. I own the ugliest kitchen ever and am hoping one day to get on one of those shows that fixes it up for free. I guess I should start applying.

  5. As a kid, we traveled every weekend and during the summers across the country... on motorcycle.

  6. I currently have three travel mugs and a coffee mug on my desk.

  7. I have mad nail polishing skills.
RULE #2: Pay it forward and bestow the Stylish Blogger Award upon 15 bloggers.

I will be honoring two bloggers that are currently up to their eye balls in lath and plaster bits. (Yes, I'm breaking the rules and will have bad luck)

Eva at The Fourth Door

(She's only working on a bizzillion things at the same time.)

Emilie at Home Sweet Headache

(Emilie and my brother just gutted their only bathroom this week. She'll be posting pictures soon.)


Kitchen design inspiration

I'm considering designing my kitchen around these measuring cups I found at Anthropologie for a few bucks (get it ... bucks).

Anthro Measuring Cups


DVF is going home!

I love Diane von Furstenberg so much. Today I decided to hop on over to her website to see if there were any cute dresses on sale to add to my collection. I had a lovely surprise to find that the label is now getting into the home market.

Pictures from Bloomingdales