We got floored!

Yep, that title is pretty lame but that's how we roll.

Over the past two weekends, we have been working on the upstairs bathroom floor. It wasn't the most enjoyable diy project and included much cursing and a learning while we go attitude. I'm sure the professionals are laughing at our lack of skill. In the end, we are super happy with the results.

First, we started out by laying the floor warming mats and encapsulating it in mortar. (sorry Dude for the butt picture but we will have heated floors! yippie!)

heated floors install

encapsulate heat mats

After that layer of mortar was dry, we installed the Ditra substrate.


Next, a whole day was dedicated to cutting a bizillion 12" x 12" travertine tiles in half. In that process, I learned that wearing coveralls really helped stay a little less messy while using the wet saw.

Over the span of three days, we were able to lay all of the tile.

Installing tile - toward door

Tiling toward toliet

Tile toward toilet

Tile toward sink

The other night we put a few layers of sealer on the tile.

Sealed tile

I'm hoping soon we will be able to grout and install a toilet. We are so close yet so far to finishing this project before my October 1st deadline.


  1. The tile looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it grouted and finished.

  2. Looks great- and heated floors are the best!

  3. deadline-schmeadline!

    I really like the shape/size of the tiles and the floor looks GREAT

  4. Looks so good- especially after it was sealed! Seems like a good size for the room.