The offensive bathroom

Our upstairs bathroom sits in the dormer opposite the shoe built-ins. It's small with a sloping ceiling and does not have a vent for heat in the winter.

When we moved in (close to 6 years ago), it was a sea of peach and wood. The walls, ceiling, floors, and countertop were all a lovely shade of peach. The walls even had a stenciled seashell boarder. We replaced all of the wood bath accessories with some brushed nickel, painted the vanity, added a new mirror and updated the lighting. Sounds like a gem, right?!

I've seen worse, but it's time for a remodel because we ended up with some free floor tile. The dude's brother was building a house and decided against the tile after it was purchased. We also got a new sink and toliet in the deal too, but we are not sure if we are going to use them since they are bisque and not white (we are hoping to salvage the tub which is white).

We are lucky that this bathroom was added upstairs in the early 1990s by professionals. So, hopefully we will not have too many surprises.

So here's some non-staged photos of the bathroom (don't forget, this is the dude's bathroom...I don't go up there):

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