Tennis Anyone?

I just started playing tennis again and need some appropriate clothing with out spending a boat load of money. Normally, I would be fine with just wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but I've been playing during my lunch break at work. I don't really want my co-workers to see me looking like I rolled out of bed.
Tennis outfits for under $100

tennis outfittennis outfit

tennis outfittennis outfit

Jerdog Women's Pomegranate V-Neck Top, $15; Tail Women's Raceway Print Skirt, $25; adidas Tirand III Women Shoes, $49.99; Ultimate "No Logo" Visor White, $8.99. Total=$98.98

All on sale from the Tennis Warehouse Free shipping over $75.

tennis outfittennis outfittennis outfit

Nike Women's Splash Dri-Fit Tee, $35; C9 by Champion® Golf Skort - White, $13.98;Reebok Serve & Return II Woman's Shoe Wh/Blue, $44.95. Total = 93.93

I'll never be very good at tennis, but at least I can have a cute outfit!

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  1. Looking cute while playing tennis is as important as playing in the first place. ;-)