That's one small step for man, one giant leap for kitchenhood

So this happened today ....

We finally have our soapstone counter tops. It might not seem huge, but it is. All of the next steps hinged on having a them installed.

Counter tops (and sink) starts the trajectory of projects...

  • Stove can be hooked up.
  • Backsplash can be installed.
  • When the backsplash is installed, we can have the electricians come up to finish up the switches and the rest of the lighting.
  • Now that we have a sink, we can install the faucet and dishwasher.
  • Once the dishwasher is installed, we can add the bottom kick-plate molding and finish other moldings. We will also be able to add the front panel to the dishwasher (actually being held up by me being scared of putting the order in for the cabinet hardware).

As you can see, we picked soapstone as your choice for the counter tops as well as a farm-house sink. Why soapstone? I wanted something that had a nod to the old, was pretty sturdy, and had a bit of warmth since I generally lean toward cool finishes. And it's purdy.

It's almost laughable that I thought we might be done by Halloween. Perhaps, New Years? Should we start taking bets?

Just in case you forgot what we started out with... I leave you with this beauty.