Girls in the Windows

I'm cleaning out my work computer since I start a new job on Monday. For quite some time I've had this photograph by Ormond Gigli, Girls in the Windows, as my desktop wallpaper.

Girls in the window
Click here for the story behind the photo.

Hopefully one day it will be made into a reasonably priced print.


Our indoor garden

When we got back from vacation, I was surprised to find that my seedlings were kicking butt.

I'm determined this year to have an awesome veggie garden. Each year I try to have a good harvest and then give up because our vegetable garden is visible from our neighbor's window. Every time I go out there to work in it, he feels the need to talk to me through his kitchen window and then come outside for a conversation. I don't mind a quick chat, but it's never a quick chat. Ugh! Maybe this year I will wear a bee keepers outfit to avoid eye contact and conversation.

Also, our basement flower garden is kicking butt too. Here's our very sophisticated set up. Just some lights on timers- nothing fancy here.


Back from the snowy mountains

I'm back from our family ski trip to Vermont.

Check out the lovely house we stayed in. I kept redecorating the inside of the house in my head all weekend.

Ludlow, VT


A Détacher: Fall RTW 2010

look 1 look 2

look 4 look 3
look 5 look 6
look 7 look 8

Here's part of a review from Style.com

Mona Kowalska, owner of the sleeper-hit Nolita boutique A Détacher, started out playing around with plaids and ended up with a character she called "Lady Redneck."

Harboring what she admitted was a "totally idealistic" preconception of country life, the city-dwelling designer worked Peruvian knits, a Woolrich wool, and calico Liberty prints into an idiosyncratic mix.

Sometimes I find myself decorating my house in a "Lady Redneck" style...


I don't need fancy stuff

Paint by Number + McDonalds + Winter Olympics =
a pretty rad Valentine's Day

Did you do anything special for Valentine's Day?


Winter Olympics!

How cute are the mascots for the Vancouver Olympics!

The dude and I are having a pizza party to celebrate the opening ceremonies tonight. Yippie!!

mascots march

All mascots action

mascots computer


Snow day: Part II

The dude took some pictures today of the rain chains that are on our shed.


Snow day!

Today I finished up some crocheted heart garland for the living room. It was the perfect project for a snow day.

crochet hearts

crochet heart garland living room
pattern found at skiptomylou.org



Style at Home has a great feature called High/Low. In some pieces, I actually prefer the Modern Country "Low" priced room. Maybe because there is a Border Collie in the pic.
Here are the details of each room.

Modern Country: High

Style at home High

Modern Country: Low
Style at home low


In the woods

I think I've convinced the dude that we need the Woods wallpaper from Cole & Son for the staircase walls. The wallpaper probably isn't "in" any more, but I don't care.

Now, I just have to convince him that he needs to hang up the resin deer head that I've had for about 5 years.

Woods Cole and son
Cole & Son

woods wallpaper crop
via the city sage

Apartment Therapy

wallpaper woods
Ghislaine Viñas